1. About the Company

2. Scope of business

3. Business policies and strategies

4. Stocks

1. About the Company

yHow did you arrive at the name "Wacom?"z

The name "Wacom" was derived by partially replacing the English name WORLD COMPUTER with "WA," which means "harmony"in Japanese. The name was created to express our goal of attaining development in which people and computers are in harmony.

yWhat are the names of your Group companies?z

Our overseas subsidiaries are
Wacom Technology Corporation,
Wacom Europe GmbH,
Wacom China Corporation,
Wacom Korea Co., Ltd.,
Wacom Australia Pty. Ltd.,
Wacom Hong Kong Ltd.,
Wacom Singapore Pte. Ltd., and
Wacom Taiwan Information Co., Ltd.
Wacom India Pvt. Ltd.

yWhere are your branch offices and factories located?z

Our head office is located in Toyonodai, Kazo-city, Saitama, Tokyo Branch Office is located in Honcho, Nakano-ku, Tokyo, and we have domestic operation offices in Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Our factory is located on the site of our head office in Saitama, and we have several EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Service) bases located overseas.

yWho is the current president of the Company? Please provide a personal history.z

His Biography is shown below.

Masahiko Yamada ( Born in 1958 )

[ Biography ]


March 1986

Graduated from Tohoku University, Faculty of Engineering

March 1986

Joined Wacom Co., Ltd. as a staff at Oversea Sales Dep.

April 1991

General Manager , Oversea Sales Division

April 1992

President , Wacom Technology Corporation. (U.S.A.)

April 1996

Division Manager, Electronic Systems and Devices (ESD) Division

June 1996


April 1999

Executive Director

April 2000

Company President of ESD Company

June 2003

Executive Director, Senior Executive Officer, Company President of ESD Company

April 2004

Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer

June 2004

President, Chief Executive Officer


2. Scope of business

yWhat are your main business fields?z

Wacom's business fields are tablets, components, CAD software for electrical design, and DJ devices for music. Each product is developing its own brand.
Please refer to "Company Introduction " in Disclosed Information & Reports.
Regarding each product in detail, please refer to "Our Products & Services" in our corporate web site.
Company Introduction
Our Products & Services

yWhat is a pen tablet?z

pen tabletA tablet is a type of computer input device, such as a keyboard and a mouse etc., and it consists of a battery-less and cordless electronic pen and a tablet.
Electronic pen functions on a tablet are the same as a mouse. In addition, a tablet allows users to input drawings, diagrams, and characters like writing in pencil on paper.

yWhat are the strengths of your Company?z

  1. A strong technological capability is one. Wacom has obtained numerous patents and know-how, including patents related to the core tablet technology recognized in the world from Japan.
  2. Being a brand with the world's leading share for tablet sales and the top domestic share for CAD (Computer Aided Design) systems for electrical design is another. Components for pen sensors and multi-touch sensors incorporated into notebook PC has also became the top share in the world for this field.
  3. Global business development is yet another. Wacom has built partnerships with global leaders of operation systems, application software, and hardware vendors for many years, while optimum research, development and sales organizations have been established in different regions of the world.

yWhat is your market share?z

The domestic share in the industry has reached 85.7%. (Survey by BCN Inc. in 2010)
The Company's estimated overseas share is 85%.

yWhat is the EMR (Electro Magnetic Resonance) method incorporated in a table?z

This method refers to the patented pen input and tablet technology, the only one of its kind in the world, which enables battery-less and cordless input operation.
The tablet forms a magnetic field on its surface (electromagnetic field), in which the electronic pen moves. When it moves, electricity runs through the coil inside the pen. The tablet then receives inductive signals generated by the magnetic field formed on the pen side (induction).By repeating the process a number of times in a short time, the pen's path is smoothly read by the tablet. The electronic pen is capable of detecting the force exerted on it and the tilted angle, thereby enabling differences in line widths and color gradation to be displayed. Another notable feature is that an eraser function, which allows users to easily correct drawings, can be added to the pen.

yWhich fields are tablets used in?z

A professional tablet is used in the Computer Graphics (CG) industry driving movie production, represented by Hollywood movies, digital painting, coloring and compositing processes in animation studios around the world and for creating realistic images in video game production, as well as designs for printing and apparel.
A consumer tablet, (there are differences by region, in Europe and U. S.) is used for digital photo retouching, digital scrapbooking, and social media. In Japan, manga productions, comics and blogs are the main usages. Also note taking, editing, and writing to screen presentations are also used for business purposes.
A LCD tablet is used in industrial design processes, such as automotive, electronic medical records in the medical field, as well as classroom teaching by a projector and screen combination instead of a blackboard. Especially in Japan, not only private usages, such as paperless conference systems and respond screens in TV quiz shows, but also public usages in police stations, courts, and meteorological agencies are expanding.
Please refer to "Company Introduction" in Disclosed Information & Reports.
Disclosed Information & Reports

yWhat are the advantages of touch technology used in your tablets and components?z

High-speed, high-precision sensor technological expertise on the tablet is utilized in touch technologies, which are in the in-house developed IC with the original algorithm to detect finger touch and enable detection of the high-speed multi touch. In addition, a single IC can also detect and control simultaneously both EMR pen and capacitive multi-touch. It is also suitable for battery-powered laptop PCs because of the low-power design.
The capacitive touch technology is a technology to detect the point, as the sensor emits weak signals with line-shaped multiple directions on the touch panel, and detects the signal changes caused by changes in capacitance of light finger touch.

yCould the EMR pen be replaced by touch technologies?z

Touch screen operation is suitable for moving icons and selecting menu options instead of a mouse, but is not suitable for the production of contents, such as painting and note taking. On the other hand, the EMR pen also has mouse functionality and comes to life to create the content. Each function of pen and touch is complementary and the possibility that touch can replace the EMR pen is extremely low.
Wacom has the advantage of using the user interface technology solutions for both pen and touch.

3. Business policies and strategies

yWhat is the business philosophy of your Company?z

Wacom corporate vision is "creating harmony between people and technology"@and our mission aims to strive for global market and technology leadership in intuitive and natural user interface solutions.
In 2007, Wacom unveiled a new brand concept, gOpen up. Sense more.h, which expresses our attitude to life and our aim of creating new ideas beyond the stereotype, watching the world with an unconventional perspective and emotion. With this concept Wacom intends to create new ideas and solutions.

yPlease let me know your business models of product management, product development, and manufacturing.z

Wacom enhances global organizations and optimizes business models of key functions, such as product management, development, manufacturing, and its SCM (Supply Chain Management).
(Product management)
New professional products are planned in U. S., which is the worldfs most advanced computer graphics market. For consumer products, we focus on Europe, which covers the widest range of use patterns and is the most competitive market, and Japan, where consumers are keen for and demand highly sophisticated products.
(Product development)
Japan is in charge of developing our technology and design hardware products due to the countryfs strong infrastructure for technological development, as well as its geographic location, being close to our main manufacturing bases in China and Taiwan. The development of driver software is performed in U. S., and Wacom is close to all the global OS developers, such as Microsoft and Apple.
Wacom focuses on developing optimal manufacturing models for cost competitiveness and product quality leadership. All critical components continue to be made by Wacom and all high-volume manufacturing is done by EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Services) located in China and Taiwan under the guidance of the QA assurance division to ensure the highest product quality. Wacom also has SCM bases in China.

yWhat fields do you intend to focus on? In which business areas do you expect growth?z

Wacom will focus on the natural and intuitive user interface field in the future, and also intends to expand in both the tablet and components businesses. With the release of Windows 7, which supports multi-touch as a standard, Wacom expects that it will be enabled to develop new markets for products and parts with a multi-touch function. Wacom also expects to accelerate market expansion from graphics users to general PC users by the release of new products equipped with the multi-touch function, such as the Bamboo series for the consumer and multi-touch sensor components.
With growing demands from society for electronic information due to the paper-less, film-less and enhanced information management, Wacom expects greater expansion of industrial uses for the LCD tablet, such as digital signature, eBooks, music devices, mobile information devices, and digital signage, which are non-PC IT equipment.
In the regions, from Asia to U. S. and Europe but especially the market in China and India, expansion is expected.

yWhat is your dividend payout policy?z

Wacomfs dividend payout policy is to maintain stable payouts to ensure future business development and reinforce the financial base. The payout ratio is targeted to be more than 30% on a consolidated basis and increased in the long-term in order to attract global investment into the Company.
Wacom doesn't adopt any shareholder special benefits plan on the standpoint of fairness among the shareholders and continues payouts with dividends and the repurchase of own shares.

4. Stocks

yWhat is your stock code?z

The stock code is 6727.

yWhat stock exchange are your shares traded in?z

In Tokyo Stock Exchange section 1st

yWhat is the minimum share trading unit?z

The minimum trading unit is 1 share.

yPlease let me know your current stock price.z

Wacom stock price is shown on EUROLAND web site with a 20 minutes delay, or please contact your brokerage.

yPlease let me know your shareholder distribution.z

Please refer to "Shareholders' Information" of the latest Financial Data or Annual Report
in Disclosed Information & Reports.
Disclosed Information & Reports

yWhen do shares have to be held for shareholders to qualify to receive a dividend?z

Shares held on March 31 entitle shareholders to receive dividends. Regarding the stock trading dates to receive dividends, please contact your brokerage.

yPlease let me know the historical data of dividends.z

Please refer to "Dividends per share" of the latest Business Report
in Disclosed Information & Reports.
Disclosed Information & Reports

yWhat is your transfer agent regarding clerical procedures for stocks?z

Please refer to "Dividends per share" of the latest Business Report
in Disclosed Information & Reports.
Disclosed Information & Reports